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Nurturing Student Agency:

A Conversation with Maha Bali

Our December 2020 podcast features Professor Maha Bali, Associate Professor of Practice at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

about our guest/s

Dr. Bali is the author of many articles and blogs that push the boundaries of pedagogical theory and praxis, and in particular online teaching and learning. She is an editor at Hybrid Pedagogy and editorial board member of Teaching in Higher Education, Online Learning Journal, Learning, Media and Technology, International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education and the Journal of Pedagogic Development.

Lucia and Tina met Maha at the Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020 conference last summer; she served as their former International Director. Check out her blog and also her work at and Equity Unbound, both of which she helped to found and facilitate.


Mark Mckee (center with trumpet) and Max Bowen (left in black hoodie) record a music video in a junkyard.

Closing music: “Plateau’s Republic” by Akrasis: Max Bowen (raps/guitar) and Mark McKee (beats/trumpet), 2013. Available on Bandcamp.