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Flipping the Covenant:

Debt, Labor, and Higher Education

What’s the situation with debt and higher education? It’s common to talk about student debt, but what about the debts that many colleges and universities owe to big banks?

Our January 2021 podcast features Eleni Schirmer, a scholar of labor, social movements, and the political economy of education.  We talk about the debt crisis in higher education as it affects not only students but institutions; the history of teacher unions; how to bring democratic practices from the street and the organizing committee to everyday classroom pedagogy.


Mark Mckee (center with trumpet) and Max Bowen (left in black hoodie) record a music video in a junkyard.

Outro music by Akrasis — “And We Out” from the album Children Singing in Hell. Check out their stuff at

Max Bowen (raps) and Mark McKee (beats)